Want to have a better insight into the translation market and know your competition among translation agencies well?

We will carry out a survey among all translation agencies in Bulgaria and determine, according to the information available, the 100 most successful translation agencies in Bulgaria, ranked by revenue.


Translation Agencies

• Where are you in the ranking
• Who are your direct competitors
• Who are your potential partners

Private Companies

• Which agencies use the technology you need
• Data about the services offered by the agencies

Technology Companies

• Information on what technologies are used
• Ideas about developing new technologies

Institutions and Organizations

• Data on the services offered by the agencies
• Data on the size of the agencies
• Memberships of the agencies


• Investment opportunities
• Merger and acquisition opportunities


• Information on recruitment and training
• How do agencies look for vendors


The survey covers all registered companies in the Republic of Bulgaria whose main scope of business according to the National Classification of Economic Activities is “Translation and Interpretation Activities”, as well as other companies providing translation and interpretation services.

To make sure your translation agency won't be skipped, let us know that you would like to take part in the survey.



To determine market size and distribution, the use of software and resources by individual translation agencies.


To understand the state of the translation industry in the Republic of Bulgaria.


To identify the resource requirements of translation agencies.


First, we will identify the companies which provide translation services. We will start off with the information per NACE code and public domain information.

For the net sales revenues, we will use data from the last fiscal year for each company i.e. 2019. The data are provided by our survey partner Company Guru. Each company will take part as an individual entity, and their results will not be added, regardless of their correlation.

Our aim is to present only the data that show a company's revenue generated from translation services. Where a company advertises publicly that it provides other services as well, the data collected will show the amount of their total revenue. It is impossible to separate the revenue by activities only on the basis of annual reports, press publications or other documents which we have as sources. Therefore we will try to contact the representatives of these companies and request proof of net sales only from "Translation Services” (7430) as their economic activity. If they choose not to cooperate, we will not be able to rank these companies accurately and this may possibly distort the ranking. In order to avoid such a subjective approach, companies whose turnover is over BGN 100,000 but whose revenue from translation services can't be determined will be listed separately because they deserve to be addressed.

We do not tolerate unfair competition, which is why informal revenue will not be taken into account. 

What we mean by translation services: translation, transcreation, localization, multilingual DTP, language quality control, language quality inspection, multilingual copywriting, multilingual technical writing, management of language projects, interpreting, video remote interpreting, over-the-phone interpreting, testing, searching for and recruiting linguists, media localization, adaptation, subtitling, dubbing, machine translation, consultations in the field of cultural differences and other related services.


on the ranking and the Questionnaire for Top 100 Translation Agencies in Bulgaria

Field Name Description
Legal Consultant Attorney Diana Zaharieva Plovdiv Bar Association
Accounting Consultant Chief Accountant Mata Dzhoreva Dzhorev EOOD Accounting Office
Questionnaire Consultant Prof. DSc. Vesela Genova Co-supervisor of theMaster’s Programme in Translation at  St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University
Questionnaire Consultant Assoc. Prof. Maria Pipeva, PhD. Co-supervisor of theMaster’s Programme in Translation at  St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University
Questionnaire Consultant Assis. Prof. Milena Katsarska, PhD. International Relations and Erasmus+ Program Coordinator, English Department, Faculty of Philology, Plovdiv University


Start: 01 September 2020, end: 23 December 2020

Preparing a list of translation agencies and forming a preliminary ranking based on the available data.

Contacting major agencies and evaluating attitudes

Contacting universities and evaluating their needs

Creating a questionnaire

Sending the questionnaire and collecting data

Analysing the results and finalizing the ranking

Publishing the results





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